About Reinsurance Results

Whether the result of inadvertent oversights or more complex miscues, reinsurance processing errors cost insurance companies millions of dollars each year. As an independent company formed in 1998, Reinsurance Results, Inc. specializes in the identification and recovery of overpaid reinsurance premium and under-ceded reinsurance loss. Since our inception we have performed over 50 comprehensive forensic reinsurance reviews and recovered tens of millions of dollars of unapplied reinsurance for our clients.

Companies that typically benefit from our service have reinsurance programs that:

For small to medium sized insurance companies, our reviews are typically completed with just one short visit to your office. In order to limit unnecessary interruption to your company’s operations, we utilize data previously developed for Annual Statements, reinsurance renewals, and reporting correspondence to generate our report.

For larger insurance companies, we typically target specific lines of businesses or types of reinsurance programs to review. This enables a project to be completed within a predictable timeframe. Our data procurement and analysis is combined with on-site research and review in order to maximize the reinsurance recoveries. Throughout this process we always seek to limit the amount of time and resources required of our clients.

Our service is designed to make the decision to engage us easier. Accordingly, our fees are tied directly to the funds actually collected by our clients as a result of the review.

We encourage you to review the additional information provided on our Website and to contact me with any questions you may have regarding how Reinsurance Results, Inc. may benefit your company.

Thomas N. Thompson, CPCU, ARe
President & Chief Executive Officer

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